The Baarle enclaves outlined

This page shows the correct outlines of the Baarle enclaves. Both the Dutch and Belgian maps contain either omissions or errors. With special thanks to Brendan Whyte.
The outlines are drawn on scans of the Topografische kaart van Nederland (topographic map of the Netherlands) 1:25.000 sheets 50B Breda and 50G Baarle-Nassau, edition 1999. H22 is indicated at a more recent topo-map (2005).

Update march 2021: nowaday, the most accurate and detailed maps and border can be found on:, which is actually the arcgis-viewer of this project. Also: the official topographic maps are visible (including a time-slider from the 19th century onwards) on

Overview of the enclaves:
H1-22 are the Belgian enclaves (H=Hertog),
N1-8 are the Dutch enclaves (N=Nassau).
baarle enclaves overview
Detailed maps
Baarle center with its 16 Belgian enclaves and 7 Dutch counter-enclaves. H12, H7 and N3 are omitted on the Dutch maps. show detailed map
Enclave H17 show detailed map
Enclave H18, omitted on the Dutch maps. show detailed map
Enclaves H19-21 and N8 show detailed map
Enclave H22, its nationality was disputed until 1995. show detailed map

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